The Importance of a Well-Written Website

What does your public profile say about you and your business!

Our focus at CCS Inc is content, but not just mediocre content, rather content that has 'Words to Move Your Audience to Action' ™.

A well constructed website looks great and with the correct setup you can drive traffic to your site. That is great, now your prospective client begins to read and is baffled – your content is difficult to follow – there is no clarity, it lacks flow and is populated with spelling and grammar errors, a perfect mix of errors to have the reader leave the site. Has this ever happened to you? 

Poor website content is costly. Well written web-content that achieves its goal of reaching clients in an effective manner can be the least expensive component of your marking plan. A well written website will add value and credibility to your brand.

In most instances, your website is a potential client’s first interaction with your brand – their first impression of you whether through a search or forwarded link. Content that lacks clarity and riddled with errors may lead your audience to form an unjustified impression of you and your business.

What is needed to create a well written website?

· Know your audience – communicate with words and phrases that rouse interest in your brand

· Be concise – too much blah blah blah will lose your visitor

· Limit the visuals (unless your product requires visuals) it can be distracting from your message

· There is a format to your website content – who are you – your value-vision/mission statement – testimonials- contact information- social media links in addition to content about your services or products

· Be Clear – Clarity is communicating effectively with your intended audience- think with structure before you write – does it make sense – get a second or third opinion

· Check your Flow – if it does not make sense, there may be a flow issue-sections of content may have the wrong placement which affects the clarity and flow 

· Check your spelling and grammar – errors in spelling and grammar will erode your credibility –stick you words you know the meaning and spelling of, do not over extend your vocabulary

· Easy to navigate – people what quick information –make it simple for them; are the tabs clearly marked, does the visitor to your site have to hunt for information? 

These were just a few simple pointers to creating well-written website content.

As professional Business Writers, CCS Inc can craft your content with clarity, flow and uniqueness which will convey your message with credibility and the right delivery to your intended target. 

As a Business Writers allow us to share with you the value and benefits of how well crafted website content is valuable to your marketing efforts.