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The CCS Professional Editor’s Evaluation

Have you been working on your manuscript for some time now? Can you see the finish line but cannot seem to get close enough to cross it?

Take heart. You are not alone. 

Many manuscripts have yet to see the light of day due to all sorts of obstacles. Procrastination brought on by fear are the two most common challenges that plague writers.

Did you know that a Professional Editor's Evaluation can be used to help you overcome those obstacles and finally complete your manuscript?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel confident about my manuscript? 
  • Am I conveying my content and message with clarity and flow? 
  • Am I staying on topic?
  • Is my message/storyline complete? 

If you have answered "no" to one or more of the questions above, it may be time to seek the expert insights and assistance of a professional editor. 

The CCS Professional Editor's Evaluation has positively impacted many of our authors' books by giving them direction and bringing them to their subsequent completion.

If your writing has stalled and your motivation has fallen short due to lack of direction and inspiration, an objective evaluation can provide useful and actionable feedback that can bring your project across the threshold. 

Fee: $339 

Please contact us through for inquiries. 

We look forward to hearing from you as we are confident in our ability to help you finish your book, accomplish your goal and thus realize your dream.

Happy Writing! 

CCS  Sr. Editing Team


"I was finally able to  gain clarity direction and make progress.   A worth-while investment."

                                                       -Tim,  Toronto, ON

"They understood what I was trying and failing to communicate. The got me!"

                                                      -Laura, Mississauga, ON

"I was stuck for two years. Tried to finish but could never find the words or the inspiration.  I was ready to give until Deb walked  up and introduced herself.  I am now a published author,  Thank you Deb! "                  

                                                        -Brenda, Ajax,ON

Very supportive. Very patient. They took the time to have real conversations.  Never felt rushed or that I was just another client. 

                                                      -Shelly, Mississauga, ON

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