blog ready™


BlogReady™ Much?

“I should include a Blog on my business website.”

“What am I supposed to blog about?”

Two of the most common statements we hear from our entrepreneurs.  If this describes your thought process every time you consider your marketing plan, do not fret. 

Blogging is nothing more than imparting your hard-earned wisdom by allowing your clients, fans, and   supporters peek behind the curtain and see the wizard. 

Blogging “how to’s” flood the internet daily, but no one provides a hands-on approach and easy to follow method to the blogging madness–until now!

Our BlogReady™ Face-to-Face Consultation provides guidance on

  • Topics to blog about  
  • Themes to consider
  • How to best combine themes and topics
  • Suggestions for annual blogging timetable that works with your marketing strategy–not against it!
  • Content that serves your public generously and authentically. Your Blog must reflect your style of writing, your voice–not your content writer’s!