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It is pure passion that led us here.  Painters play with paint as musicans play with sound and writers play with words. Words at play is what is at the core of our practice.  A creative outlet that  engages and serves us both as writers and editors.   At Creative Consulting Services, we have the privilege of collaborating with our clients and authors by adding structure to their thoughts and shaping their message into a motivating and inspiring call to action.

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Our vision at Creative Consulting Services Inc. remains steadfast and consistent.  It is about words that spark conversation and inspire the imagination, with a vision that cannot just be spoken but must be personally experienced.



We believe in making dreams attainable by helping our clients enhance their thoughts through words that motivate and move their audience to action.



We provide you with a step-by-step process on how to increase brand awareness by becoming a published author.  From writing, editing, to publishing your book we guide you through our proven systematic approach, 

The CCS Method™.   

Deborah Ferdinand, President - Sr. Editor


Words dance in my head 

They always have 

They are my words 

They are your words 

They are our words 

I am a scribe              

  -Deborah Ferdinand-President, Sr. Editor

Angie Athanasakos, Vice-President - Sr. Editor


Sometimes, reading about someone else's journey, moves us closer to our own destination.

   -Angie Athanasakos -Vice President, Sr. Editor  


Intro Consultation


I offer a complimentary one-time consultation  to go over the application process with the student and their family. After this initial consultation, I follow up with the family to recommend an appropriate service for their needs.

Hourly Consultations


I am available on an hourly basis to give families advice about finding the right college, writing applications, standardized testing, and more.  

Complete Placement Service


I offer a complete service that includes evaluating the student's academic record, establishing reachable goals, advising the student throughout the application process, and advocating for the student. 

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